Recording rock vocals vs rap vocals


Hello everyone I have experience in sound recording. Now about the question: I have no idea what the difference is between rap vocals and rock vocals. Can someone tell me? I’m going to record rock vocals, but I’ve only mixed rap before. What is the difference in sound, please tell me, be sure to listen to the examples to understand what I’m talking about.

I’m looking for some advice Personally, I think it’s either the difference in the microphone, or in the mixing, or in how you sing, etc. but I would like to hear advice.

1 rap:

2 rock :slight_smile:

3 rock:

4 rap


I feel like you’re inspecting a basic concept through producer magnifying lenses. Typically it was just a different singing style (although, as you kind of pointed out in your examples, the pop versions all just blend together now), and whatever cool vocal techniques you come across will likely work for any genre if done at the right time (everyone does gang vocals now, right? :smiley: )

Everyone overdubs, uses studio tools (autotune, melodyne, etc), but making those things a little more transparent and less-obvious seems to be the way to go for any genre. De-essing is still cool, the last time I checked. I still don’t understand the question but I tried :smiley:


Rap vocals have to be on beat…

Rock vocals have to be on beat and in tune.


Are the kids still doing that stupid triplet-grid swing rap shit?

All of this horseshit (not in this thread, just out in the wild) makes me appreciate Del, Busdriver, Rob Sonic, Atmosphere and others so much more than I used to. While I’ve never been the biggest hip hop fan in the world, the popular modern stuff is worse than I could’ve even imagined it becoming. It’s going to age like a $3 bill