Recording audio for covers/films


How they record audio in these videos? Maybe mic should stand 1 meter away from source? Because it is differs from Studio recording on tracks. Am i right ? 1 meter away or somewhere in the room ? mic should record the room?


Yes, probably 1m away or so, but it depends on the mic and levels and how much noise outside.

Different mics pick up different things - all around (omnidirectional) or mostly in front of it (cardioid).

The second video has a LOT of room, it might be farther away, but I bet it’s an omnidirectional and recording all the reflections of the walls.

The closer the mic the less noticeable room sound you’ll get. Best way is to do some test recordings and see what you like. It’s different for every mic in every room.


Also do you think it is compressed? Anyway what do you think about compression such long guitar takes and/or vocals?


To be 100% upfront, if this is your aim or intention…stop thinking from a engineering mindset! This isn’t about acoustical relations to beat cycles and their reflection to the perceived listener. It’s about just being expressive.

If you want it to sound “polished”, build out the bedroom into a control room, and then you’ll get a polished sound. You will not get a great sound regardless of mic position, type of mic, tools you use, or otherwise in this/these scenarios. It’s a bedroom vibe, which means it’s going to have artifacts that give it a different spatial/sonic/& character compared to something done in a controlled environment.

As for the “techniques” being used in these:
1: Mic placed is placed most likely on a mic stand closer to the body of guitar, somewhat positioned between the mouth and guitar. As we hear more of the body, less string noise, and the voice is behind the guitar. This means the mic is Infront of the guitar, but high enough so it isn’t a struggle for the singer. Once again with the focus of the mic to pickup the body of the guitar, and high enough for the singer to not be forced to lean in.

2: Sounds like the mic is placed somewhat Infront of the neck, and once again positioned in line with singer so they aren’t forced to lean in or tilt head up or down. As we hear more of the string noise, and her voice is further away…we can assume the positioning is set to capture the room more than being fully setup to be directional.

3: is body again, but a little further away from the singers position.

Not sure if you’re trying to create audio for film, but most important factors for working with audio capturing for film is understanding boom positioning. Also, helps to gain insight about as mentioned mic patterns, mic placement positions (x/y, baffled, coincident, spaced pairing,
ORTF, headtohead, etc…)

Basic thing to consider for doing this type of recording in these videos or at home is this:
Try to get the mic about a hands length away from the singers, and you’ll be fine.

Don’t worry about being overly technical, after all you’re not in a controlled environment…

Oh, and compression? Highly doubt these gals stuck compression on…maybe YouTube’s engineers might have something that does once a vid is uploaded…

Hope this all helps, best of


Thanks for such detailed answer.