Record What You Hear (Windows, Audacity, FL Studio)

So the long and short of it is in a recent update I’ve lost the ability to “record what I hear” in Audacity and it is really cramping my sampling ability. I wasn’t using the old “Record What U Hear” option, I somehow setup in the inputs to make it work and no combination I’ve tried recently works. I’m on the newest Windows with Audacity and and FL Studio 20. I just want to record whatever is currently playing (mostly from web browsers).

I remember on Windows I had to set something to do that, but once I did it that was it. Now on Linux it just does it anyway, but my Audacity is only 2.3.2. Don’t know whether this will help.

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Maybe you need to turn on Stereo mix in windows audio settings to be able to record what you hear.

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Is there anyway to record stereo mix with my Tascam US-122MKII interface without any software installed. I sucked with lots of virtual audio cables but it was not stable. I always ended up connecting the soundcard’s hedphone out to line inputs and record them.