Re-intro back to IDMF


hi guys. im not really a new user but have been away for far too long. i miss this place so much and i am hoping with all this new time on my hands i can reconnect with the people here. i hope you are all keeping well and staying safe and healthy.

things have been rough and i have lost touch with music (my biggest regret in life up to this point), but this new “holiday” has allowed me to reconnect with music a little and put some time into the things that matter. every cloud has a silver lining.

i know there are some projects i started here a long time ago and hopefully i can pick those up again, but for now i am just happy to have some time to chat to you guys. i am excited to see you all again, and meet the new guys!
hopefully i can keep this place high enough on my priority list to check back regularly when shit starts to hit the fan again!

i picked a bad time of day for this because i am about to go to bed, but i will be back here tomorrow getting invlolved with some threads.


Welcome back! Good to see you again :slight_smile:


Good to see you back.


welcome back


thanks guys. great to be back!
looking forward to seeing what youve all been up to


We’ve missed you parri!

Lots of old faces returning lately It’s really awesome. <3 :beers:


i dont think i can stay away for ever, at least until im dead :slight_smile:
IDMF made me the man i am today!


Hi parricide!


hi schnork. how you been? hope things are not too bad for you during this hysteria


Good to have you back @parricide ! The more the old gang comes back the more the place feels like home.

I’m guilty of mostly lurking lately but I hope to get my electro legs back under me soon! :sunglasses:


as long as it says “IDMF” at the top of the page it will always be home around here <3


So far it’s alright.

And you?


really good actually. its been more like a holiday for me :smiley: i got lucky compared to most


Well, Mr.P, I’ll throw my hat in and welcome you back, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just back here again, myself, after going on a bit of a walk-a-bout for a while. Like you, life has been…different…to say the least. And although I’ve kept my hand in the game working with and for others offline, it’s been ages since I actually did anything of my own.

I’ve also been returning to a lot of old stuff I started…basically getting back into my stride…hopefully. :wink: Currently pulling an album together of old stuff and a few new tracks never released before…not exactly a “best of the best” thing, but sort of , if you know what I mean.

It IS really strange the way so many of us just happened to get a twig up our arses about being away and wonder back at the same time, don’t ya think (…types with one hand as he reached for the tin foil hat with the other!) ?

Anyway, good to bump into you on here again, mate…