Ras Pi synths


There is no topic in here about this yet, so now there is. :slight_smile: I just bought a Rasberry Pi 4 in a fit of pique during the Amazon Prime days as it was on sale. I have always wanted one because of the huge variety of things you can do, but I never really dove into the music angle until I had clicked the buy-now button. Lo and behold, there are a shed-load of options for using Pi in your studio, so I thought it was high time to 1. Make a list of such things, and 2. document my journey through the world of Pi in music, and encourage others to jump in with their experiences.

So here is a list I will try to dutifully maintain, of various things you can do with Pi in your studio.

  1. use it as a midi host
  2. create a synth/effect monster via Zynthian
  3. install Patchbox OS
  4. install Sunvox over linux.
    …install any number of other synths, primarily over linux, like Qsynth

Anyone else doing/have done/want to do stuff with a Pi? Please share your experiences. :grin:


I have one. In my opinion version 2.5
I installed NON DAW on it. https://non.tuxfamily.org/

Very little memory to install something worthwhile, for example Linux daw Ardor
I can’t solder.