Ras Pi synths

There is no topic in here about this yet, so now there is. :slight_smile: I just bought a Rasberry Pi 4 in a fit of pique during the Amazon Prime days as it was on sale. I have always wanted one because of the huge variety of things you can do, but I never really dove into the music angle until I had clicked the buy-now button. Lo and behold, there are a shed-load of options for using Pi in your studio, so I thought it was high time to 1. Make a list of such things, and 2. document my journey through the world of Pi in music, and encourage others to jump in with their experiences.

So here is a list I will try to dutifully maintain, of various things you can do with Pi in your studio.

  1. use it as a midi host
  2. create a synth/effect monster via Zynthian
  3. install Patchbox OS
  4. install Sunvox over linux.
    …install any number of other synths, primarily over linux, like Qsynth

Anyone else doing/have done/want to do stuff with a Pi? Please share your experiences. :grin:


I have one. In my opinion version 2.5
I installed NON DAW on it. https://non.tuxfamily.org/

Very little memory to install something worthwhile, for example Linux daw Ardor
I can’t solder.

I’ve always wanted to turn my Rpi into a synth but then I’ll always say, “what about MIDI ports?”.

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Is there any software that would let me turn a SBC into a hardware sequencer that works like the 80s machines?

what do you mean with “80s machines?” like the Roland step sequencers?
I have been mostly interested in using mine for a sequencer of sorts…it should have enough power to do all sorts of sequencing things. So far I have seen a few Midi “hats” for the Pi, but also started to look at arduino as a more firmware/analog option. Less software layer, no GUI interface to speak of, just sequencing with knobs and buttons. But then I keep thinking I really want a touchscreen because it is more flexible. Not much of a point here I guess, I just wanted to comment that there are tons of ideas, and even a few solutions available if you google around a bit.

vis-a-vis Midi, you can also just get a USB-Midi adapter, they apparently work well with RPIs.

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Thanks for the heads up creepr…I appreciate it.

That Zynthian thing looks dope but why does the tax cost so much?

What the hell are you even talking about. Bro.

The only synths I know of are made by the korg and the moog.

If you’re interested in live coding, you could try Sonic Pi (you’ll have to google it as I can post URLs) which is based on the SuperCollider engine.

Yeah that looked cool too. :slight_smile: i found a few other things to add so I will update my list soon.

I only saw this thread new, install Sonic Pi!

(Late to the party, see 2 posts above)