Rahul Sharma in Hale, Manchester, UK

Hi All

I hope you all are okey,

I am new here. I am the Owner of a Debt Connect. i Join this forum because, i am interested in music. and i want to learn playing guitar.

Welcome to the forum : ) we’ve got more than a handful of guitar players here, I am not one of them though.

Smells like spammer to me…

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oh is that what that smell is? i thought my eggs went bad or something

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no i am not.

Well, then I should probably throw out these eggs, huh?

WTF is DebtConnect? An indie band? An experimental duo? A psycorednbdubgrindcore trumpet orchestra?

So many questions, so little time.

So many inept social skills on this thread. And not necessarily from the OP. Chill guys.

Still want to know what Debt Connect is and how it relates to this forum though…

If it is someone’s business that’s a relevant part of an introduction…what you do for a living