(question) Is anyone interested in a secondary BB, a SB(scene battle)?

So basically this isn’t something trying to take the place of the current one and would probably be offered at a longer period, due to the mix of video and audio, to get the idea across. Sound designers, anyone?

I would guess many of us at some point or another have envisioned what it would be like to make a “soundtrack” to something visual, ourselves, rather than hear it. Or a soundtrack ruined a scene for us, or rather if it were perfect or not, we could make something neat as well.

So…my idea is that someone creates a thread. Posts a snippet of any type of movie, horror, sci-fi, romcom, etc…It has to be muted, though. Preferred scenes would be ones without actual dialogue but if we’re all under the impression that mouths moving, isn’t important, then I don’t see an issue. But if clips without soundtracks/effects are found, I don’t see them as an issue either.

I’m actually messing about with this potential idea tonight and will hopefully have something at some point. If anyone is interested, I’d love to hear it. Ideas on how it can/could go, even overalls thoughts.

These don’t have to be or wouldn’t be songs but sections timed up with visual stuffs. I hope to post an example tonight from some random thing I found this evening.

I guess the biggest thing would be that people are able to play the video(to a degree) with their music. IE - post the 2 together on a media site, if that were a restriction to people joining.


Just to summarize

This battle is to make the score to a video/scene of ones choice.

I would do this but I cant right now…apologies.

That’s fine. It’s more of a question. Doesn’t seem too many people are interested, anyway.

Doesn’t seem I can get my Live to export the video for this either, so meh…

I really like this idea! Full disclosure though… as many times as I’ve looked into the Beat Battles I’ve yet to do one… I have so many projects going on, along with keeping up my performance level on several instruments and the dreaded day job (but that has slowed a bit lately) every time I check out BB I get intimidated by the hours I would need to dedicate in order to keep up.

However! The video thing is my self stated long term goal. So this would fit nicely with other projects I’m already working on.

Back before the “Big Bad Thing” that didn’t happen to the forum there was a thread that proposed an imaginary scene with a bit of sound source that had to be incorporated in some fashion into the piece. Like BB but use the source to evoke the scene. I did a piece for the one based on Space Travel. The night the voting was to end … silence… crash… ouch. I’m pretty sure I won that competition.

Didn’t mean that piece of lore to derail your thread… would self-made videos (sound removed) be acceptable as well? :person_tipping_hand:

I’d like to do something like this, but then again I’d like to do beat battles as well. I just never know what the rules are and they always seem so ambiguous that it could almost boil down to “just make a track, any track”.

I could see this idea also being cool, but I bet a lot of people would have trouble with syncing, video formats and how well they play with their DAW’s of choice. It seems like a lot of work for something that only a few of us would actually do, but I’m definitely on board if this becomes a thing, at least for the first round of it.

The rules for the BB’s are always listed in the thread for the BB. Here are the boilerplate rules:

Beat Battle General Rules:

Beat Battles take place over the course of two weeks. The first ten days users will have to arrange, upload, and post their track to this forum. After this, the next three days users cast their votes for their favorite track. At the end of this, the winner will be announced, and they will then become the next Beat Battle host, and will have one day to construct a battle pack and begin the next Beat Battle.

Unless otherwise stated, the only sample/audio sources you may use for your song must come from the battle pack.

In the event of a tie, the battle host will decide the winner.

Ps: All skill levels welcome. Feel free to leave a blurb of feedback to the submitters. Please keep feedback constructive and don’t be dicks to each other.

Beyond that, it’s whatever the BB says. Sometimes they are more open, allowing any track as long as you use the samples, in other BB’s they’ve been very restrictive.

I’d be interested, sounds like a neat idea. I’ve thought about doing stuff making soundtracks or fx for video.

My thoughts are that this would be a month long, or 6 week thing. Not really pushing time with BB’s. And the only rule would be the “winner” or organizer would start with a less than 1 minute clip of anything. It would be muted. The clip is the sample pack, per say. Beyond that, you’re allowed to do whatever strikes your fancy.

This is still theory crafting. Not starting, for anyone that is concerned about full-commiting. I did do a trial run with some Asian movie clip, 36 or 56 seconds of a scene but, while I was able to get the video into Live to play while I did stuff, Live crashed after it made the audio track, before making the video/mp4 track with my music. So, for me, I need to figure that out. I’m not sure if other DAW’s allow for video or if we’d have to devise some other method to get people’s “scores” to show for everyone, without too much effort.

I’ll try to look into that portion more. Maybe there is some freeware stuffs, we can use to combine, if people are able to figure out the project side for themselves.

EDIT - The intention is to give more people some type of stuff to do. Not take away from the BB’s. After failing to export the video, I did start a track out of the stuff I made, which was an interesting way to start a track, I will say.

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In Reaper you can actually can open up video files in the track window, and use their audio if you like.

I think that was the Ambient Challenge, There was a clip of some ambient noise which you had to include in your track, and the theme was Deep Space. I still have mine. It was during that challenge, that said that might be cool to do a soundtrack challenge to a movie clip, but I was thinking of a trailer clip at the time. It ties in with ambient quite well, although it wouldn’t need to be ambient per se.

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That was it…:ghost:. it was fun. We all got to listen and vote… it was , I think 6 or 7 entries… all really good. Then… crickets.

The trailer idea is cool too…

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Can’t remember if I even got as far as voting. A.M. used to run the Ambient Challenge. Unfortunately he didn’t come back. I’ve looked into the BB’s a few times, but being hardware based and not having a big sampler, it’s a bit of a mare really. It seems to be more for sound design types, who have the patience to mangle the samples. Not my thing really. A movie score clip on the other hand. I won’t be able to put the clip into the timeline of my DAW, as I don’t use one. It’ll be the old skool method of watching it on the com and composing on the QY.


Yeah… it was A.M. I was really interested in that Ambient Challenge… was hoping it would come back… was hoping this thread was it!

I do believe I get the point of this thread… using movie clips and stripping the audio out and reimagining the soundtrack.

This is not an old Movie clip… but I think it’s kinda the idea… so I’ll post this as a teaser… or an ice breaker example. Then Maybe someone (maybe even @bbb) will post an actual challenge.

Here is a video I took several years ago… with no plans whatsoever of putting it to music. Then one day I decided I needed to challenge myself by making a soundtrack to a random video… Here goes!


I might have posted this somewhere else on the forum in the past… not sure… if I did… forgive me for being redundant. :person_tipping_hand:

Hey! @A.M is back… I just bumped into him in the Listening Booth! :sunglasses:

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I know. He liked the above post.

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I have a clip I was attempting. I could upload it but I was never able to get it sorted with my audio through live.

Do It! I’ll give it a try. The old Skool way.

Ok. Busy weekend but I can export the video clip muted and we can see where it goes.

I do want to find a method that works for everyone, though, with ease, so it isn’t a headache to perform the project.

Still think it could be very fun.

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