Question about DJ and singer

Guys, I’m gonna make a hit, and then I have to perform. I need a DJ right ? Well, to put music out there , I’m not going to run to put up songs and then sing them. How hard is DJing? And how much impact does a DJ and all that make?

With the right equipment, you can start and stop backing tracks via foot-pedals easy, or build a small stage rig that does the same. Like this for example:

Being alone on stage can be boring as fuck though, both for yourself and for the audience.

It sounds like you’re looking for a backing track, which is a more technical, less artistic/vibe based than a DJ. There are lots of midi options out there from pedals to pads to a keyboard that you could setup to launch and step through audio clips from a sampler (the audio clips being your finished songs less the vocals that you add live). If you want to be able to improvise more, that could be a bit more difficult, but you’d just use shorter audio clips and launch them with every verse or even every few measures instead of every song.

Looks like the video above is showing a setup like that.

I would not want to mix records and sing at the same time…

Way better options out there. I’d say Ableton Live and a controller 100%. Having a DJ or someone else run the instrumentation would make it easier for things to feel more organic.

What exactly do you want to do? What do you want to perform?

If you are a Hip Hop artist with your own lyrics or something close, it’s not a bad idea to get a DJ. You might want someone with a bit of turntablism skillz or at least live experience, which generally takes some time, even though it does not have to be DMC World DJ Championship level…

If you are a complete genius like Dub FX, confident to make everything live with looping your voice in a few minutes, get one of those pedal things for sure.

If you are a producer not using your voice in any way, it might be a good idea to get some support for the live show, depending on whatever you do that may be some people playing controllers or instruments, singers, rappers, MCs, dancers, artists, whatever…

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Thanks for the replies.
I’m leaning more towards the first option.