Puns thread


Basically a thread for puns…



Who said time flies like an arrow fruit flies like bananas?

Groucho Marx :watch:


What do you call a rooster that draws…

A cock a doodle doo…


A man submits 10 puns to the local newspaper’s Pun Contest, hoping one would win first place. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

Italicized because of copypasta, but still my favorite pun


Hear about the dyslexic sex addict - kept walking into a warehouse!

Not all dyslexics are perverts its just an anagram for daily sex!

Two nones in a bath, one says to the other wears the soap. The other nun responds “it does rather” (credit to Vicar of Dibley)!


Tobias funke…


This is the best pun joke ever…

I keep getting calls where someone sneezes and then hangs up…bro its so annoying. I have been getting these calls for about a month.

Im really getting sick of these cold calls.


From Ken Kesey - Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

Merry Pranksters are in the Bus leaving the Ranch. At the entrance to the main road there is a sign which says “make no left turn un-stoned” :sunglasses::v:


How do phones travel overseas? On their tele-flights!