PSA: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music 2.0 is finally live

If any of you don’t remember the original Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music, it was an interactive website that came around over a decade ago. It had examples of every genre, the history, but most importantly it was fucking hilarious and full of critical write ups and mockery of subgenres.

This guy has been developing this for years now, it’s finally out. Zoom in, click around and lets see how far down the subgenre rabbit hole of absurdity we can go. His write ups are hilarious on all the new genres of the past decade.


Lol love the eurotrash section. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s was a lot of bad eurotrance (that I was guilty of listening to thanks to ASOT) that most purists would say has nothing to do with trance at all. But there was definitely some really good tunes like Airbase - Escape and Leon Bolier - Ocean Drive Boulevard or Marko Kantola - Black City. Unfortunately that darker kind of sound didn’t get much mass appeal so not much gets made anymore.


This is SO much cooler than the original. Nice find @nose

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It appears nothing new has been created since 2010ish

Edit - oh fuck…NVM. I zoomed in more on my phone…loads of stuff…beyond

I was just making a yoke.

3.0 makes my head hurt trying to make sense of it XD

Awesome, I loved going through that whole thing years ago, thanks for letting me know about the new version.

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