Properllerheads Rebirth Download link - Windows only

Hi All

I’ve had this a while and tbh I may have posted previously not sure. Link below is Propellerheads Rebirth, GUI is small by todays standards and is pretty much standalone. However all can be exported and I’ve not ever dug a lot deeper than that.
There is an install process and some tweaking required including an ISO mount software ie Daemon tools or similar (think Windows will probably do it but it is an old ISO so not sure). There’s a small workaround in the info file but once done and as long as the ISO is loaded virtually (or you could try and burn to cd etc). It works perfectly.

Enjoy if you choose to be reborn…aceeed! :no_mouth:

Propllerheads Rebirth Windows only (Winrar 113.7MB)


Well that brings back memories. I may install it for the nostalgia factor :slight_smile:

In terms of compatibility, does it work with Windows 10?

I don’t know what it is about the acid sound but I don’t even get sick of it when its in an mediocre to average song. I’m just like, nah, I can do more of that. A whole lot more. LOL


I’ve got it running on Win 10pro (1909)

@relic I was in the rave scene back at the start circa 87/88 onwards. Have got some mad stories from that time mainly window panes, budhas and red micro dots.
Had quite a few impromptu epics in my area around that time. The south UK and its jurassic coast bring some quality locations for dirt stomping, whistle blowing dilated dancing.


Awesome, i loved that thing back in the days :smiley:

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