Prep for a live performance

So I have all the original music I need to take this next crucial step, and would so appreciate any advice I can get before my first performance. I know getting a uniform volume is very important, but I’m sure there are things I can be doing to ensure I get great sound without any embarrassing feedback, and etc…

I truly appreciate any and all processes I can take to my tracks so the show goes smoothly, please share, I’ll be soo grateful!!


Preform first without the audience.
Record what you did.
Choose tracks that fit together musically. Maybe from worst to the best to ensure the sample transitions follow smoothly.
Practice transitions until you tetrachecked three times your skill.
I have no experience in rolling at all.

I wrote something here but forgot to not erase it. My bad

And sorry because i cannot give you more detailed tips on live electronic performance.

Also, if every your track has the same 4 on floor beat pattern, the mixing is easier. But if you have each track being totally different, it could be that is the best to render every stem separatly, putting it in daw in separate tracks, arrange them so they sound good together and you can actually improvise new stuff out of your tracks live with computer. Like, not mixing the tracks but stems from the tracks. This provides a smooth mix, as you can control more of your track. If you plan to roll on a dj table, that is not an option. You can also put all of drum samples from your tracks in a drum machine, and roll the other part separately. Or instead of a drum machine use the daw itself - i believe this can make a live thousand times more interesting, because people who know your tracks experience something new. And it is also a great way to get new ideas for composition for future tracks.