Pop music throwback thread


You know that you have listened to it at one point dont pretend like you didnt…everyone has done the same and everyone knows…

The lyrics…



I know this song first and foremost from the end of the terrible movie that is “Kangaroo Jack”, which my young and malformed mind dragged my mother to a movie theater to see.


in the right situation, waiting for tonight by Jennifer Lopez does indeed slap,


OMG!!! I haven’t heard this son in forever and had no idea who this was! I loved this song growing up as a child addicted to my little radio in my room. Lots of little personal late night dance parties. haha! Thank you! :slight_smile:


*NSYNC was my first ever concert… damn that seems like lifetimes ago…


Some of my favorites…


00s pop music was so freaking good




I miss when this was playing everytime I walked into any carryout restaurant about 10 years ago. That may be because I could still eat gluten back then, but the song was alright too…


I was about to go on a tangent about how Katy Perry is recent and then I realized that really was 10 years ago lol, man thats wild.


Yeah, I haven’t really listened to this in years, but listening back and looking at even what Katy Perry is putting out more recently, I can see some of the differences in sound design and structure. I don’t want to be a mindless zombie, but I did find myself thinking this was kind of going on pretty long for pop.


Sometimes I forget that I have a dark side and I actually like to listen to this garbage sometimes



That Todd Terry remix is a banger!


o.k. so not really pop, but I do like a bit of guitar in a dance track. probs the best Psy-Trance track ever!


American Idol circa 2006 was a good time

And the rest is trash… the best kind


So a bit of Cyberpunk from way back when it had an element of punk to it.
Anything and Everything hit the charts back then.

Although this album was panned by everyone, Billy Idol’s Cyberpunk, is a really good album and remains as a favourite of mine.



I’ve seen him live. Hilarious in all the good ways.

But generally if you put Billy Idol and Steve Stevens together hootage and fun was going to happen. A lot is pretty ordinary rock + synths though but some great tunes along the way. The US was kinder to him than his homeland UK which always seemed unfair.