Polyend Tracker

Hi guys,

just wanted to share my joy.

My polyend tracker arrived last night and had an hours mess around with it.

All I can say is the, especially for someone who has never used a tracker before, this thing is a joy already.

Only took me ten minutes to get the gist of it enough to make a basic beat.

I can’t wait until I get some serious time with it!

Anyway guys if any of you have one please feel free to share tips and tricks.

I will do the same as soon as I get a good sit down with it.


I think @canecreek got one recently and is similarly impressed.

Ive lost sleep over it lol

It looks fantastic and I have a fair gear lust for one, especially remembering how much I loved Renoise, but in my current setup it would be wasted…

Yes still lots of love for the tracker, still think it’s the best piece of hardware I’ve bought in a longtime if not ever. I’m all over the granular didn’t think I’d use that much.

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I havent had the chance yet to have a go on the granular and wavetable yet with work and all but should be fun eh