Polyend Tracker - Out on March 18th


:smiley: :bomb:



I’ve never used a tracker, but depending on the price point I might even like to give this a go. I love old school Jungle but never found my rhythm (pun intended) in making it on hardware or in a DAW.


World’s first hardware tracker??


sweet that looks very interesting




Part of me wants this, the other part knows I’m sorted on the sequencer front…
But it looks sooo much fun!


yeah I was gassing on this when I saw the first vids…but man, not sure I would use it. I really want to go more into hardware, but it seems like an endless crawl to get more gear to get near to the level of integration and completeness that I have in my DAW. Now something like this though, perhaps it would be the perfect brain outside my daw…time will tell. Great price on the unit too. These are the guys that made the Medusa synth as well, and they just updated that one, and it looks even better than before…maybe one day I can afford both.


A few years ago I would have been all over this like a fungus, but I’m too spoiled by the Force now.
In no way perfect, but not having to worry about how much sample time I have left and so on is quite nice.