Poems in progress thread


Basically a thread to write poems and work on them…

Why a poetry thread…why not…

I probably have already made a similar thread…

But that thread is most likely garbage and cringe…so start fresh with a new thread so, anyways…

A thread to work on your poems…

Fyi i will be writing poems in the form of hip hop…


The epitome of the tragically ambitious. Coincidentally engage in feats of consequence.
Like Religious aristocracy that doesnt see without ambivalence. Almost trance like in a sense. Derived and deprived of license to crises. That further develops all the way through miosis. Bridging the gap of life to mind via osmosis.

An arithmatic interwined with time yields a fine wine. Brewing enigmatic signs that are like sunshine. Inclined to believe in all kind. Not unlike a penny to a dime. Nickel to a barriers crime. Such belief is a seed that grows with time. Its either a weed, or a buddha flower. That gives and illuminates beyond rebuke from corrupt power.


Second paragraph is starting to work… keep polishing


Off the top of my head…probably cringe…

But at least its not political cringe or some shitposts.

Bilingual anatomically superflicious
nuclear autonomy is superstitious
Silent wills castigation totally malicious
Twisting the tongue spewing atom bombs
Getting high off of rom coms
Making malarky spark at random
Hummin the sum of the pandemonium
Sanctimonious is must for those seeking fun
At the risk of them completely playing dumb
They run from the gun that shoots a lump sum
So they hide and glide so they can catch the sun
One at a time the bullet hits them one by one
A standoff at dusk until the result is no one…
The aftermath after a cataclysmic past
Thought it was war but its just a mask
Soldier for soldier the truth doesn last.
Rack and rake em, settle it fast
Thats what happens when you break the glass.