Plugins that Require Dongles

I’ve understood dongles, because so many plugins and DAWs are so expensive and they don’t want their software pirated. However, this is 2019. Can we just stop with the dingle dongles now?

Back in the day, I had a dongle for Logic Pro 7… It broke, and so I had to have it replaced, for 130 euros. Then, it broke again, and I had to replace it again…

A few years ago, I bought a few plugins that required an iLOK, and I have that thing with me still, but I still really dislike it.

I’ve basically stopped using all of my plugins that require dongles, because I hate the little monstrosities and would rather use the many other fantastic dongle-free plugins that are available over dealing with dongles. A part of me hopes that some of the people who deal with software marketing/licensing will come across this thread and stop with the dongles.

The only reason I started using Logic again is because it cut it’s price down to a fifth of what it used to be and stopped with the dongle farce.

If anyone has a list of popular soft synths that still require dongles that they could share with me, I’d appreciate it so that I can boycott those when I purchase my next plugins. Thanks!

Lmao! Hmm a lot of the plugs we use have been updated to use iLok.

Most of the developers who haven’t updated to such are discontinuing certain plugs, which is pretty disappointing.

If you do have a plug that requires you to actually plug in the dongle, yeah please do everything to boycott dem peoples!

Dongles are so dumb. I hate them. IIRC ReFX Nexus 2 still uses one. Which is a shame because that’s an incredible softsynth.

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Just pay for shit and then download the crack, it’s the best of both worlds

I don’t normally support piracy until I’ve paid for something that fucking sucks / breaks and the pirated version just fucking works out of the box

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Should have been the thread title.

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Some of my Eventide plugs and Soundtoys Bundle use an Ilok app rather than burning a USB port.

This seems like the way, I’ve not had a desktop computer in over a decade so those ports are crucial! Sure usb hub etc but still, if it requires a HW dongle it’s an insta-nope for me.

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