Plugin Calibration

Hi all, as the title says, who calibrates his-her plugins ? to match the level IN-OUT.
I do. Do you think it’s a waste of time ?
Is an accurate gain staging should be enough ?
Depending on the developer, they all have different gain staging, some works better @ - 18 dBfs for instance.
So 1st i calibrate my plugins & then gain stage the all chain, i’ve always noticed a more balanced, punchier sound.

Let me know how if you think i’m wasting my time going trough this “calibration” process.

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I only do it if the input and output levels are wildly different or if I want to be very sure I can compare sound accurately. For me, that’s mostly just saturators/distortion. In mastering, I worry a lot more about that but the signal flow is a lot less complex so it’s pretty easy to keep track of.

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If the plug in has input and output controls I usually spend a little time listening to what sounds best in that regard.

Ok ok, i see that in this particular case, it is a waste of time then, unless both inputs & outputs have huge level difference as mentioned by whitenoise. Allright allright, thank you guys.