Please help me categorize this genre

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I have now listened to the new album from Valasse Eruva several times. It is not pure electronica but it has enough of it in the whole album that I think it fits in this forum. But I really have a hard time figuring out how to describe the genre with this one. It is really versatile and gripping because every track stands out on his own and several styles are mixed. At first I felt it is a bit unconventional but the more I listen to it the more I love it. I feel like it is not possible to answer the question from listening to just 1-2 tracks because tracks do really differ but in the end the whole thing makes sense in itself.

How would you describe it?

100% serious answer: electronic music or maybe as you say electronica. Like…who cares…I know human brains are obsessed with categorizing things, but…

InB4: but how do I find more music like this…check the label it was released on and the other artists there and their releases on other labels, you know the typical internet rabbit hole.


Thanks for your answer.
I am not obsessed with categorization of music but I saw this as an opportunity to find something similar. Electronica is a term which can mean a lot imo.

I already did some diggin and there wasn’t much I could find. This label it was released on doesn’t seem to have a huge catalogue yet.

It was worth a try but I will do some more diggin on this. Thanks

The sounds on display here made me think of Chris Clark (WARP records), and maybe some of the older stuff from Dan Snaith (Manitoba) as well.

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Apple Music classifies it as IDM/Experimental:

Last FM hasn’t heard of it yet:

The artist tags it as:

– Ascending Phoenix | Valasse Eruva

Although, on Spotify there seems to be some playlist with other things on there (is that where you found it?):

reminds me of a more modern day this tbh

i think the chemical brothers are categorized as big beat, if anything i’d categorize it as

“nu big beat/ electronica”