[Phonk] MOFF XIL - Iceman


I made this track as part of a one-off project that is a sort of a spiritual successor to CHERRY CONVOY.

It’s just a simple phonk tune that blends heavy beats with a nostalgic, video game-inspired atmosphere.

I made it using loops by BananAlice89, vJerzey, aztroboi, and Tiltedbeats, I got them for free from Looperman.

Feedback would be appreciated and if you like the track, feel free to share it with frens pls


I liked the’80s arcade videogame vibe. It works.

Its a bit noticeable that everything is dead centre because there’s a couple of echo FX that kick in wide in the stereo field. Personally I’d spread stuff out a bit more but that might not be what you’re going for so as ever feel free to ignore.


Thanks, man, glad you liked the track!

As far as your feedback is concerned, nah, I ain’t gonna ignore it. :smiley: But yeah, you’re right, this wasn’t exactly what I was going for, all the extra effects were meant to just gently underscore whatever’s going on in the track, didn’t really want to bring them to the forefront or anything.

Also, I was kinda lazy, I guess, just wanted to finish this tune asap and be done with it, still, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (although I could’ve tried to give it more of this distorted VHS quality, but I don’t have the skills and/or tools needed for that, I suppose).

here, grab a heart reacc


Needs more hi hats and also cowbell


Why you little