Pharell is sorry about Blurred Lines

PR recommended Pharell announce Blurred Lines is the product of a “chauvinist culture”

but will LMFAO ever come out to express their guilt regarding their hit song “Shots” ?

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Really! It went to number 1 in a few countries, and nobody gave a shit. More pathetic virtue signalling.

BREAKING NEWS---------------------------------- AC/DC apologize for “Givin’ The Dog a Bone”.


Watches law and order special victims unit

Whos he trying to please, c’mon half of Twitter is basically troll bots

I’d say bs… fml gender politics of today is so lame when did strength, personal fortitude and treating each other respectfully as equals become…everyone should spoil me because I’m a prince/princess… here comes the psychos…

R Kelly…shouldn’t of done what he did…he is sick…it is for the courts to decide his fate

Chris brown is a complete moron

Pussy riot should be free from Russian prison…

Cardi b…seriously I mean seriously… Aretha Franklin I think is a better role model…

Look at every hip hop music video…
And look at social media

And then look at the dating apps

As far as I’m concerned the pharrell thing is garbage

Controversy for the sake of controversy…

Imma fuck off and go back to watching law and order svu

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Pharrell and Chad Hugo are genius.

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haha I totally had that one in mind too

man I can’t wait for our post-patriarchal civilization to shit all over Freud.

pink freud…

jedi mind tricks

fml its like certain forces use psychology in order to make ppl so fucking maladjusted, neurotic, unstable, and tribal…

blah why go batshit and develop a social manifesto over self defense mechanisms…but imo they shouldn’t be used to get attention/to purposefully manipulate others in order to gain popularity/status…

i mean yea there certain things that you just dont do and are just really wrong…

but dont expect me to stab my eyes out and blind myself just to placate your feelings
and saying hello isn’t invading your safe space…

Having met actual rapists, I don’t think song lyrics have anything to do with it.

Some guys just have next to no empathy for others and simply take what they want, with no regard for the wellbeing of others. Like wild animals. For someone like that, a song lyric means as much as it would mean to a frenzied dog.

@Armrest Yea there is a problem of lacking empathy and emotional intelligence as well as people believing/having ethical standards and morality.

sure, I don’t think it’s only rapists that harass women, though.

I thought the eatern european lass in the vid had a great set of tits on her body. Sorry but there you are. Consulting adults, consulting viewer, nice song and a £4M rip off fee. Thats £2M per nipple?! NO. I dont think anyone was getting harrassed in the song or vid!?

I don’t think so. Was anyone harassed in this one

imo…Smart decisions are smart decisions…someone will be offend in five years from now by certain posts because they grew up with bulldozer parents…and have yet to realize that the world won’t cater to their perspective…

Factinion = opinions that a person thinks are facts

My fav song is by denis leary… it’s the I’m an asshole song.

Free will people will do as they please…i mean look at bdsm I dont get it and I never will…its not my cup of tea but yet its someones cup of tea…i guess, dont expect everyone to conform…life wouldn’t be life if everyone was a robot…

Also sirmixalot lol…

I didn’t really want to start an argument about the so-called PC culture, which people are whining about since the noughties, it’s just funny to me that Pharell would conform to that vibe and discredit his own song – a song that already cost him a substantial fine (well, maybe not substantial at his scale). It’s like, he must feel so cursed with that shit song.

I believe personally that pop culture can be a vehicle for ideology, and I think we should be thinking about what a song or any other media communicates in terms of values, like we do with advertisment without anyone complaining btw.
I do feel that it’s done in a way that’s vilifying and causing people to react strongly, in one way or the other, which is never interesting.

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Watching the J STAXX video, I just see people having fun. It’s stupid and the music sounds like shit, but that’s kind of the joke, isn’t it?

Its not super funny tbh, but I’m not offended by it either.

The self-sitting tennis-sock stocking look is sporty as fuck though :smile: