Organelle & Pure Data - magic code & wooden keys


Four month ago i bought a Organelle and i`m still very in love with it.

It can be and do so many things. I wonder who of you guys have a Organelle and how do you use it?

What are your favorite patches?


Never heard of it before today but it looks pretty neat and crazy versatile!


I’ve never heard of this thing until now and it looks awesome. If I had the money I’d spend all day patching on this thing, and I’m not usually a hardware person at all (technically the PD part is digital, but you know what I mean).

Looks like the ultimate instrument for deep-diving!


Today i was trying out something wich i planed doing for weeks know… i played stems from the Octatrack and tried out FX Patches to process them live, so one day, i can kind of “perform” my music with this simple set up.

It took my quite some time to find something wich was useable… but i think know i have a good trail to follow.

And yeah while browsing the user patches on patchstorage i realized who many patches are not written / published yet… i really want to learn pure data one day to be able, for example, to write exactly the FX chain i want.


I found this to be of some use so far. I’ve been dying to get into DSP for a while now and your post (in a roundabout way) led me back to PD where I was probably heading but hadn’t fully realized until then

His explanations are really easy to follow, so it seems like a great starting point for anyone curious about PD


Looks cool, i have “Organelle: How to Program Patches in Pure Data” and i really like the way it is written. 41-CBKU-1mS