Orchestral Game Soundtrack Project


This post is a call for information.
I’m planning to create the music soundtrack of my own video game soon.
So, I’m in a research state right now, I need tips about what is the best to use (or buy) to get this project moving forward.
All best VSTs you know about strings, horns, choirs or piano accompaniment in an orchestral theme composition are welcome to this thread.
The plan is to have the cleanest and professionnal result possible, around the most affordable plug-ins to invest time in.
Above this, I need to have choices while I’m creating. More knobs you have, more interest I get.
I’ve took a look about this subject on the internet, but nothing clear has appeared. So I’ve come to take an advised standpoint here. Adressed to all roaming members of this forum. I need help !

Thanks !


its not enough specific ? what information is missing ?

This one sounds pretty good and is only 1500!


Imho it all depends on how good you can play and what kind of equipment you have. If you can play like a pro and have an MPE controller, get the SWAM instruments. Those are the most expressive VSTis available for solo playing imho. This can be supported by sample-based VSTis (lots of options there, I myself like some simple East West stuff to support solo SWAM strings). However, if you are not good with expressive playing and only program melodies, it might make sense to stick to sampled stuff only.

Good luck with the project - it sounds like a lot of work if you are planning to do the complete game and the OST? ^^

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Spitfire Labs have great orchestral VSTs including keys, synths and guitars and its free! - https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/

Not a lot of knobs to play with tho. Also their top of the line stuff is in the thousands, but the quality is mindblowing

DSK Overture is another good one for a full orchestra, more knobs to play with and also free https://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-overture/

Check out the other DSK stuff they also have a choir VST tho I’ve never used it

Also tips from a fellow ex-video game industry guy, check out FMOD and Wwise if you want tools to change your music or SFX in-game. e.g. in FFXV when you take down a boss’ health to 50% or so the track intensifies, when you walk into the diner from the open world the world theme instruments change to be more diner-ish

@Cardinal beat me to it with spitfire, they make the most Beautiful orchestral library’s

I love strings and always incorporate orchestral strings in my music when I can and I find the strings in spectrasonics omnisphere just perfect for my use but for more detailed orchestral stuff spitfire seem to be the benchmark in today’s scoring.

I would start from the free version of Native instruments Komplete , explore Kontakt player then branch out from there into the various Kontakt libraries

Also, as a budding game developer, what kind of game are you working on?

I have to agree, just encountered their Dulcimer freebie some days ago and was impressed by the quality, especially for a freebie! haven’t tried it out in my DAW yet, since I’m not yet a member there, but might do that soon.

But in general, for anyone getting into orchestral stuff, I think I would recommend to compare all the famous sample-based libraries available, including the high-end and low-end stuff, compare sound examples, maybe watch some tutorials or read about comparisons and pros and cons, for instance:

  • for some uses, something like the cheap Garritan Orchestra might be enough
  • for other uses, instruments with strong reverb that can’t be switched off or is recorded/baked into samples provide much less flexibility even in more expensive libraries (some East West stuff and I think Spitfire, too)
  • some libraries are made for instant playing gratification, but less flexible, whereas others include lots of articulations that have to be used very specifically, but can lead to a more realistic sound
  • prices vary drastically, and for many uses, the most expensive library might not simply be the best, most useful or most usable
  • some libraries are better for expressive playing with modwheel or even full MPE, while other are made for trigger-like-playing without expression, but sound much better without any expression or automation

Thanks for the presented help ! means a lot.
I’ll check up by your says about spitfire and other assets you’ve told about. I’ll surely find my own piece of art with it.
I’ve received the information I’ve been looking for so, farewell. I might keep updating stats about the game if you are wondering about the development.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


My 2 cents on this:
Make sure you compose each instrument in a way you actually would play the instrument in real life. It will make things sound way better!

Check this out for what I mean:

(You just have to translate the keyboard playing into editing notes in the matrix editor…)

Oh and yeah, if you want stuff to sound reaaaly realistically, check these things out:

It’s kinda insane :). (so yeah, it’s a bit overkill maybe in this case)

Interesting… the older sample- and Kontakt-based AudioModeling stuff was available on the SampleModeling site a few years ago - I thought it was one company switching to a new site and SWAM. But they seem to have split up since then or something like that.

But yeah, SWAM and these Kontakt libraries might be overkill :slight_smile:


Why not check and see if anyone around would be interested in making some music for your game, rather than just popping in for software suggestions and leaving the community?

There’s a bunch of talent around here, and some enjoy projects just to have the experience, and you might learn something along the way. :wink:

IDMf’ers are typically pretty proud to help support community projects, so you might be surprised if you open up and engage the community for a community project of video game music. :slight_smile:


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For sure, and it can be hard to push a project like that over the finish line alone, but maybe it’s just a really simple game with great music :wink:

Hey guys !

I finally have my last results for the main music soundtrack.
Thoughtful, many things has changed since then, I used vsts like Labs and Sakura for the most of everything in this production. But after a while in the project, I may have drifted from the main idea, which is only orchestral stuff. I placed some parts of glitch on the second half and a kick. it’s not too much, but I mainly stayed in the orchestral mood. It was a real accomplishment, personnally I’ve learned a lot with this project. The result is on soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/holymooner/prod-3-light-breach

Also, the idea of a video game was cancelled… I know it sucks but most of the work is kept safe, in case of a return to the work I’ve involved time in. That also may be why I choose to use stuff like kicks and glitch parts, I may just have pushed this project to a music appreciation project more than a backstash game soundtrack.

Please leave comments if you have some, it’s always a pleasure !

Thanks for the help tho too, Peace !

Yes great idea to inject some interest into the page. Unfortunately at the moment I am limited to an aging 32 bit computer (not quite as old as its owner) , a Behringer umx25O, an Ashton AK100 keyboard and a brain full of ideas. Perhaps I should retire to the hills and follow Allan Watts! Good luck with the project