Old Accounts

In the recent revamp for this website, did all the old accounts disappear? I tried to log in with my old account, but the username no longer exists.

Yes. It was a server crash. Everything is gone.

Oh that’s unfortunate… There was a lot of really good information about all sorts of gear/sound design on here :frowning:

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Agreed. If you go through the internet way back machine there’s some pretty deeply archived posts that you can dig through - but the majority of it is gone.

We will rebuild, the new site is already off to a great start :slight_smile:

Good to see you come back man!


Another way to look at it is that much of what was lost is now common knowledge that can easily be found and a lot of it was probably outdated.

i think it gives idmf a chance to change and grow and polish off any rust it may have. a new perspective during a new time filled with so much new info and technology stuff. it will take a bit of time but i believe that idmf is going really great already with the new site and i’m excited to see how it grows throughout 2019 :smiley:


Yeah, on the bright side, we already have some good discussion about MPE going on around here somewhere, which is a lot more relevant than granular synthesis and resampling discussions from 8 years ago. Also, vinyl pressing news is being tracked, which is ironically more relevant now than it was years ago. It’s taking time, but we are rebuilding that knowledge base.

BTW anyone using MPE for granular synthesis or resampling yet? That could be new ground for us to break.