Ok so



I just watched a 6 year old kid make a trap beat using a daw with only a toothbrush on youtube.

Google “trap beat with toothbrush”

Thats too much talent…

i give up…lol


Even if that wasn’t somehow staged, I’m not really surprised. Those annoying, crickety beats always sound so uninspired, almost like they could feasibly be generated by AI and the fans would be none the wiser.

I think our new standard should be making a breakcore track or even just playing guitar – some younger people will be able to do it for sure, but it’ll also thin the herd a little bit. Plus, most will suck enough that there will be plenty of room for improvement, which kind of gives people a drive to keep going and developing that talent.


Bro don’t give up because of this kid. His parents are sound engineers for sure . If it wasn’t for his parents he would not make that awesome beat :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is his old Aphex Twin was when he made his first sandpaper recording.

Get with the curriculum old boy.