Official soundtrack qawm thread october 18th to december 12th


Trying to get the year closed out here. Christmas coming and all that. I intend on listening to all these tracks again and posting thoughts. Sorry I’m running behind.

Really great to see this come to fruition.


Im going to make it longer, and even dronier


This is an updated version. I might even add more.


I apologize for any tinninitus you got from listening to my experiments…

As for my netlabel stuff id say thank you.
But on my bandcamp page 60% of the stuff is forgettable, the other 20% need polishing mix and composition wise and could be turned into something…
20% id say is up to par.

If i somehow influenced you to make good music and think outside the box…then i consider it mission accomplished.

Just saying thank you for listening to both my good and bad musical experiments over the years.