Obscure music thread


Basically share the music that you think no one has heard of…


Dancing llamas
By “who the fuck is that”


That’s an interesting one. I feel like most of the electronic music I listen to is obscure (including a good portion of the IDM) because nobody really likes that kind of stuff. Anything with really interesting glitch or breakcore parts pretty much dooms an artist to obscurity, although there are definitely a few who are less-obscure.


I got a cool spotify recommendation the other day. Apparently this band had some brief fame buzz in the 90s but never really took off. I love finding stuff from another era that seems like it almost could’ve gotten some mainstream success but never had the chance to get played until we’re all totally sick of hearing it


I always liked this one from the time I found them on some blog circa 2007, but apparently they’ve had a measly 26 listeners per month ever since they came to Spotify. Sometimes really solid bands slip through the cracks, either due to not touring enough, not forming the right industry connections or whatever else and it definitely sucks when that happens to a band with a lot of potential.

Although they also have some questionably weird releases which would’ve spelled out career suicide if they ever even had musical careers, but this album is seriously top-notch


(Last one, I promise)

Proton42 (where did he go, anyway? Someone beetlejuice him) showed me this one over a decade ago and it has stuck with me ever since. I remember I was asking IDMF for some good road trip music, and I think I listened to it on repeat over the next few days. It’s still probably some of the best IDM / breakcore I’ve ever heard in my life