[Nudisco] JaMeS PiNgEl - Slipstream


Calling this nu-disco is a really loose catch all, the drums are a chopped up break and the main sound element is so heavily distorted/glitched that it comes back around to sounding normal. But that bass is groovy and deep, so that in combination with the acoustic drums made me think nudisco.

The most interesting part of this song is undoubtedly the lead arp. It sounds like it’s changing patterns throughout the song, but it is not. What you’re actually hearing is the arp going through a trance gate into a heavily compressed/distorted send. So all the changes in gating change how the arp interacts with that, and then the dry sound is so much quieter than the send that the send just dominates the sound.


Wow, this really brings me back to those cool Hed Kandi disco compilations. It sounds like you captured the retro vibe of nu disco here. The only real criticism I can muster up is that it seems a bit repetitive for a 5-minute track, and starts reminding me of a video game splash screen that I forgot to push ‘start’ on (bonus points for potential shmup vibes, though!). I think you nailed pretty much everything else, though, and I really dig it!


I can suggest making longer chords for the leading instrument (8 bars, 16 bars, 32bars)


Great selection of sounds and aesthetic.

I’d like to hear it develop more musically, but the production is sounding good.