Novation circuit

So got a novation circuit yesterday. I must say that is one cool machine. I haven’t even gotten into the editor yet. Waiting for my buddy to deactivate it. But yeah… Got it for free which is crazy.

You guys got any love or tips for the circuit?

It seems cool for sure, thinking of getting a Monostation next fall. Free is always good–I can’t imagine you won’t find a way to incorporate it into your setup.

I think my favorite part is access to 2 full mininova’s. That and each layer gets 24 mod points.

Love that synth engine, I had an UltraNova for a while. Would love to have one back again.

Love that thing. I would check out Cuckoo’s patches. I never messed with the synth editor actually.

Also patch flip on drums with automation is insane. I usually automate in this order: sample end time, distortion, pitch. I’m mostly using it as a drum machine lately.

I only have one tip. I’m not even sure how to explain it.

The circuit only has 2 synths tracks, but if you take one synth and use it as a bass track then program some parts in the high octaves you can kind of cheese 2 parts out of one. Doesn’t work for pads as voices are limited. But yeah, I made a song with 4 parts even though it only has two tracks.

You can check out the first two patterns here:

And then the second two added on top of that here: