Not an introduction but reintroduction

Hi everyone

I was on the old forum with the same user name and while not the most prolific poster did enjoy swapping music tips, chatting about music and hearing about great music. Both commercial releases and some of the fantastic productions on the net label. In fact, I contributed a track to IDMf compilation “Achluophobia”

Kind of lost my way a bit when the forum changed over to the new format and thought less time on forums and social media = more time for production. It doesn’t quite work out like that so thought I’d see what was happening around here again.

So yeah, looking forward to it hello to old faces and new.


Welcome back man!

Always dope to see a returning face. I didn’t post much on the old forum but had a couple tracks featured and mostly lurked since 2010. I vaguely remember your username.

Cheers! :beers:

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Hi, welcome back

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Acluophobia was good times man.

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Good to see you back matey :slight_smile:

We need moar dark techno

Hey, if sequels work for hollywood, why not for us?


#IDMf2 confirmed

Hey man, welcome back! That was my first release on the label as well, what a cool album.

Welcome back ^^