Noob question


Hi guys,
1st of all, i apologise if this question has been asked before but i just can’t find an answer to it …
How do you integrate a soundcloud track in a message here on IDMF ? , i can only Hyperlink a track.
Thanks for help.


Should just drop the link and it will automatically add the SC player bit. It may not show up until you actually post your comment. If sharing a private track, make sure you use the share button on soundcloud and copy that link instead of just copying the page link, they are different.


Thanks a lot, i’ll try a.s.a.p.


OH, I see you had a playlist go up in the LB.

First of all, I’ll check that out. Second,

For playlists, it seems the share link also will do what you want.

EDIT: I edited your post in the LB, it looks like the above now. Hope I got it right, apologies if I linked the wrong thing.


That’s great, thanks a lot.

you’re a star !!