Noise Sample Challenge (Deadline Feb 15)


Monday or I’ll change your nick back to Kultoooo)))


me too


Alright my fellow broducers,

We need a deadline? Feb 15 it is (3 weeks from now). You really don’t need to finish tracks completely, just get some ideas going and that’s fair enough. Multiple submissions are possible too. No length limit, doesn’t need to be musical at all, go wild, blow up your eardrums, nobody cares (or hears). Show us what you got.

Now the part 2 when the deadline kicks in - we’ll do a voting here and pick a submission that feels the most re-sample-able. The winner’s audio-vomit will become the sound source for round 2! Maybe just a very tiny snippet for a harder mode to keep the “noise” spirit, we’ll see… But we can continue to go deeper with this for sure!

Now, get your asses back in line, open your Fruity Loops/Disableton or whatever kids use these days and just do it™.


Hard mode: I’m using awwdASSity


ben thier dun that



I guess it’s ok?

Yo MS I love your aesthetic, extra futuristic. Were you the one who submitted that super abstract bassy tune for the beat battle 100 comp? Then withdrew it?


sweeet new submissions! Both are very good.

@Tsachi BB100? Yeah I did it because it wasn’t good enough.


That track was my second favorite D :


Round 3. Completely from scratch.


The kind of posts I like.


here’s my final on this 1! thanks for posting the challenge.


i got mine done, less glitch-focused than the others i’ve seen here but i think it turned out good regardless :slight_smile:


I mostly just played around with the sample for an hour, made a song fragment which didn’t turn out very good and gave up on it :unamused:


That’s the spirit



it doesn’t need to be good, just anything, even some 30 seconds of ‘I should just quit music’ mess. This challenge is more about sound design, the worse it gets the better!




Here’s 90 seconds of “I should quit music” mess


1 day extra because sunday exists. Do anything in a last second, it always works! Then we will do a quick voting, got some ideas for a next one.


I don’t expect this to go anywhere but since this was extended once more(a day hehe), I’m throwing in a meh(non-qualifying verson). It was fun to mess with quickly this morning-ish. I did it more as a “what I would do” for project purposes, though.

1st half is just the sample given, 2nd half is sample given with an actual kick/snare/hats added.

It was definitely fun but more just a drum track thing, for me in the limited time I gave it.