[Noise / Experimental] Psychotronic - A CONSTANT BREAKING POINT

New release, all 4 track and 2 track recordings using lyra, granny and other tools. Enjoy!


Damn, this has that awesome lo-fi charm to it. Really nice textures, and it sounds like there’s a really wide range of goodness here. TBH I’ve become more a fan of this style of noise over the years as opposed to the overly-distorted, deafening shit (I’m surprised I didn’t get tinnitus back in my day) and I think you nailed the more dynamic type on this one. Absolutely wonderful stuff!

If I had anything that played cassettes, I’d definitely grab one of those! Congrats on the physical release, too! Recycled releases are always cool in my book :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I’m slowly moving down that pit. It might go even more into early electronics avant garde direction, composition wise, as I’m listing right now a lot to old stuff like that on a reel 2 reel tape recorder just refurbished weeks ago. Ilham Mimaroglu from Turkey (60s-70s) and some Morton Subotnik stuff from the deeps of the San Francisco acid wave.

Keep your eyes out, i might sell a few with Walkmans, if that’s a good deal for you, depends on your location as I’m shipping them from Germany. :wink:

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