NiN Drops Two New FREE Albums


Im not into industrial but Nin is a staple.
Thanks for this will definatwlt listen

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Yea! I’m picky when it comes to this kind of music and I know some people don’t like NiN but I don’t care.

I also recommend Trent and Saul Williams collab album “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of”


oooooooh 20 minutes ish in to the first album (two tracks) its all straight up ambient so far…


Ghosts are very underappreciated. Yes, please.

imo the two best tracks

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Man it was neat as fuck when he did the last Ghosts stuff and still had his site up. I think he ended up doing a ton of them as stems for people to make stuff. Can’t wait to dive into these, should have already. Nice find @relic

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I bet if you google that someone has them available for download somewhere.

NP. I just randomly saw it on FB…the only reason I even found it was I literally spent the whole day on my computer dicking around : (

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He won a Grammy for that country rap song with Billy Ray Cyrus, just recently. They ripped some portion of an old Ghosts track which is heard throughout. He was pretty chill about it as well.

Edit - sorry, wasn’t a Grammy. CMA:

omg dude, all the racist buttholes around here are loosing their mind over this song, also I think Lil Nas X is gay so they hate that too

I’m not a fan of the song but it is catchy. I haven’t also heard it 9 million times either. But it’s funny they ripped a sample from him and he was like, that’s cool. It happened. Then he got a CMA for it, haha.

This and the new Jay Electronica are perfect music for the end times haha or the supposed end times

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I have an Industrial Musician Friend who buys everything from NIN, Trent was his intro into Industrial, and his music in influenced by NIN.

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Trent Reznor is from “the big city” I live closet to Cleveland, Ohio. I’m not a super fan but have followed his career for quite sometime as I like a hometown hero : )

They’re inducting Trent and several other NIN band members into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Obviously Atticus Ross is on the list as is Alessandro Cortini. Reznor gave The Cure’s induction speech last year which was pretty cool to watch. I’m sure whoever inducts NIN will be cool to see as well. It’s also great that the RR HOF is finally starting to induct bands like this after so many years ignoring them.


I couldn’t believe they put Whitney Houston in. I’m actually pretty big fan of hers because my parents listened to her a lot back in her day but she never did one rock song ever lol.

But yea, its cool they are expanding out of just the typical classic rock. I’m waiting for New Order to get in myself.

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I liked pretty hate machine and some of his rock collabs & ambient stuff.

His take on zeppelins immigrant song is awesome.