New Windows 10 Update is Garbage?

Hey yall…heard the new Windows update is trash…too late for me it is just finishing…took all night to DL then took hours to finish installing.

Look into it before you do it! Will report back.

So far so good. Only used Firefox, Teams and Outlook after the update but my laptop is running normally. It is update v 2004 FYI.

I’d estimate a three hour download (my wifi is about 11mbps in the kitchen, pathetic, I know) and two hours to install. So don’t do it on your lunch break…

What’s supposed to be bad about it?


Maybe it’s just because I’m a PC Nerd, but I don’t usually have any problems with the updates. They happen in the background for the most part, I only really hear about them when it’s time to install, and that’s a few extra minutes for shutdown and the next startup for me. Like, usually about 2-3 minutes total.

I don’t like that I can never seem to recover all the hard drive space I lose, but stupid me for thinking 128 gigs was enough to run windows and my DAW.

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We’re testing this for deployment at work so I’ve been living with it for a bit. Can’t speak to audio stuff as I don’t have it on my home PCs yet, but it’s mostly working fine in a corporate environment. It’s got some pretty major bug fixes and driver compatibility stuff for general use. Those driver updates borked Nvidia drivers off the bat, but that’s been mitigated if you’re using fairly recent drivers (358+, if I recall). I haven’t seen any of the USB and Bluetooth issues that have been mentioned crop up, but we came to it rather late in the cycle.

On the surface, the Start Menu is about the only cosmetic/functional change, mostly to do with integrated web search. As far as I can tell, it’s a functional but ignorable update for most people. For people in IT, there’s some pretty dope additions to a bunch of ‘under the hood’ stuff (GPOs, Delivery Optimization options, etc) that I’m pretty jazzed about, but it’s shit that’s Pro or Enterprise and wouldn’t be things most home users would care about.

I don’t like that I can never seem to recover all the hard drive space I lose, but stupid me for thinking 128 gigs was enough to run windows and my DAW.

Check c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and see how much (if anything) is in there. If it’s hogging a lot of room, you can stop the Update service and nuke it all. Unfortunately, a lot of space is eaten up by security stuff (SxS), which you can’t get rid of without major backflips or tanking your OS.

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Honestly guys I don’t know what is supposed to be bad. Some people in my feed where saying its terrible (gamers and DJs who live stream) and my dad some people on his a/v live streaming forums said it screwed up their settings. Besides taking forever my computer seems fine.

Glad to know its mostly fine.

Same as @White_Noise I’ve always found the updates on Win 10 fine.

Thanks for chiming in everyone.

After about a decade on Mac I’m back on Windows and I’m surprised how smooth it all is.
Baby has gone a long way.


Lotta people upgrade without checking their piece of shit toasters meet the hardware requirements then get surprised stuff doesn’t work.

Pebcak usually :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe this is a variant of the one I know, so correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t it be pebcac?

Probably similar: problem exists between chair and keyboard


Makes sense, I had heard a variant that just replaces keyboard with computer.

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