New Person Over Here!


Hello music makers,
I started this topic to just say Hi to y’all; thought it might be a good idea to maybe talk about our favorite producers to help us get to know each other a bit better.
I’ll take the initiative and say that I enjoy almost everything Aquarian and Homemade Weapons release.
You only need to hear Aquarian’s QTT1

and Ballad 002 (feat Deepmash)

to know why he’s up there on my list.

As for HW, He comes from my favorite label Samurai Music, And I think he carries a distinct style among his peers at SM; his sound has unique textures that never fail to inspire me to fire up Ableton and try out new ideas.

Looking forward to hearing your picks!


Welcome. Feel free to @ me or message me if you need something (admin team here).

I will check those two out for sure :slight_smile:


Will surely do, Thanks :sunglasses:


hey, sorry for the late welcome, but welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


Any welcome is a good welcome. Thanks for taking the time to say hi. See you around I guess.