New here!


Hey everyone, thanks for having me here!

I frequent a bunch of music forums but I find most of them tend towards just talking about new gear and such while I’m generally more interested in talking about ideas / techniques etc… this place seems great for that and also it’s a huge plus that everyone here’s generally into the weirder sides of electronic music!

Looking forward to getting to know you all here :slight_smile:




Hiya. Welcome to the forum. There is some new gear talk but that is usually pretty much contained to one thread.


I love gear talk too, hardware stuff inspires me for sure. I just like that this place has a whole bunch of other music chat going on too! :slight_smile:


I’m on of the mods and all I talk here is gear, I forgot there is more than that.



I forget too often!


yea absolutely, poor phrasing on my part. there are a fair few active “technique” threads going on at the moment…most of it above my pay grade skill wise ;p


Hah, I was thinking that it was bad wording on my side, I realized that what I said could come across as slating people for talking gear which would be pretty hypocritical as I have spent a bunch of time / money on hardware stuff!

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and I look forward to chatting music (and gear) with you all!


i agree man !! 1st, welcome on this forum & yes, it’s also the forum i’ve found the most useful infos regardless the subject … some great musicians here, listen to their release, you’ll see where you’ve stepped … welcome.