New here, where do I download stuff?

Hey everyone. I’m new (just signed up a year ago, still learning the ropes) and I wanted to say that I’m so glad this forum exists. I mean, internet download manager has been on the market for god knows how long and there’s literally no place to talk about it and share the joy. The only downside is their support team is just a couple of dickheads who have no idea how to treat their customers.

What browser do you guys recommend I use with IDM? Better yet, do you guys agree with Cnet’s review of internet download manager? I’m only scraping the surface here with these questions, but I figured I could get the ball rolling here.

Also, where do you guys download all of your stuff from? My goal is to steal the entire internet piece by piece with internet download manager, but I’m having trouble figuring out where to start. I have a whole closet full of floppy disks and if I run out, I’ll be sure to get more!


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Not banning you as that would be doing you a favour, so I might just change your nick to xSantaXClausx


Wtf did I just read anyway? Yes, please change his nick. You can always change it back later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t this the international deaf metals forums or something like that?

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My ban finger is so itchy.