New genres


Make up new genres

Intellectual abstract disco
French bouillion chef core
Right field
Ambient shoegaze
Shower nookie
Nookie trance
I thought this shit sounded better a few years ago when i was completely high as fuck…
Complex tech house
Political crap core
Ambient fart jazz
Classical dubstep
Dubstep edm rap rock…

Pondering wtf you are doing with your life when your drunk/high and making music with your daw and midi keyboard early in morning when your dog farts and scares your cat which knocks something over and now you got the willies because you though the whole incident was a supernatural occurence.



Nod off beats - which are what happens when the beats you’re making are so generic that you fall asleep at your DAW working on them. In other genres a death sentence, nod off beats turn that into the whole point.


Alien squid hop
Happy Dad Core
Sad Dad Core
Vegan step
Nu Count(ry)
Russian Riskgo
German test beats


Minimal tech house porn promo core…

Self explanatory.


In a meeting I just got out of at work someone unironically discussed “60s Turkish Acid Rock”, to which I could only respond with “European Turbofolk”.


Nu metal rap polka


Dude. I’ve been making Lame music for years. In fact, I’m the OG.


Dunning kruger gem core -

music thats so good that other people think its actually bad but thats because they dont recognize the genius behind what youve made via ripping off a bunch of copyright samples david guetta style and using a few synth presets.


I would actually love to hear some subversive songs made from ripping off david guetta.


Sad hardcore - just a bunch of fat dudes with soul patches wallowing in their depression
Olde metal - the metal we (30+'s) used to listen to, or music created in the same vein as it
Politicscore - when the music’s lyrics just read like a shitty social media post / news story
First-wave breakcore - Breakcore before hentai and overly-distorted everything took over
Pre-neo-wave - corny music that existed before everyone became way too self-aware to be serious about it
Semi-christ-core - when the vocalist is christian, and the band just has to go along with it


Deep soul fi - overhyped music that is supposed to demonstrate how cool, deep you are while simultaneously hitting other people in their feels.


Neo nu hipster trend core - its so cool you never even heard of it, its just one of those things that if you know you know…and only a few people are supposed to know…because the more popular it is the less cool it is.


Life suck - the kind of music that you devote so much of your time and energy…that other stuff starts falling through the cracks.


This is the entire “deep house” category on Beatport lol


Funny you made up Alien Hop, as I actually make stuff I call AlienCore from time to time hahaha


Netflix n chill.

Its supposed to be musical viagra but it doesnt always work…and sometimes there is no twerking.


Because it takes so long to decide what you want you lose interest.


Recycled nu retro core


Flower power nu metal.

Hardcore music for sensitive people all up in their feels.


Avant experimental misunderstood core

Its so experimental you dont even understand what the hell you just listened to…you dont even know if its good or bad because its so abstract. Since people cant understand it…they dont know if they even like the track…shit even the artist that made the track cant understand it being that they just did a musical equivalent of a kindergarden finger painting jackson pollock…

Its so abstract its neither bad or good.