New Artist - Hello


Hi Community! I am a new artist. I have been producing dance music for about 8 months now. I hope to connect with some like-minded individuals and improve our crafts. Thanks! -CA$H


Welcome to the forum. What kind of dance music are you interested in making?


I’m currently making electronic dance music, but I want to make all types as time goes on.


Welcome @CASH you will indeed find all kinds of music here; composed by friendly knowledgeable people.

Join the fun! :sunglasses:


Welcome aboard.


Awesome, yeah. I just released my new remix to Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”. I would love you guys’ thoughts and advice. How can I share it with you? Thank you!


Welcome aboard.

You can share it over here if it’s a w.i.p:

Or here if it is a release:


Okay cool thank you! I think I need to make 30 posts before sharing music for feedback. All good! Will spend some time in here offering feedback of my own =] - show you the track soon!


Sounds great to me! Is there anywhere we can listen to any of the dance music you’ve worked on?


Welcome look forward to hear what you do.


New members have to reach a post count of 30 then they can post their music in the Listening Booth part of the forum. Sorry, we just have strict rules about promotion.


Thanks! Will share latest track there. Looking forward to hearing some of yours.


I Will look forward to it, and if you @me I’ll probably get a notification and be pumped to hear what your music sounds like! Thanks