Myspace Deleted a Bundle of Old Tracks - Were you affected?

Myspace was before my time, I’ve only been making tunes for about 5 years now, so I’ve been soundcloud pretty much the whole time I’ve been producing. Anyways, I liked the ending of the article, where it talks about you not being haunted by your crap demos from 15 years ago. Anybody here relieved that it’s gone?

Also, anybody besides me think that this is gonna make for a great conspiracy when the next big singer/songwriter comes along and they can’t prove that they never tried to be crappy Skrillex back in 2009?

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Yes I was, My band from high school had one recording and that was on MySpace… sad day

But their players were not really working before that day and trying to play some of the music posted was an impossible task

WTH is up with these large sources of data crashing and losing info forever

And besides, there is always YouTube so I can’t imagine people getting away with that to easily, but I liked skrillex from 2009

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Lost 4 different pages of music, my buddies lost more. That was totally during my early time in 2004-2007 before the launch of soundcloud as being THEY place to host your tunes and gain fans.

Sad times. There was never any way to rip your tunes off there either, IIRC. I tried - I had a couple old school tracks that are gone forever.


i wish myspace just kept everything. i remember when myspace started- it had some of the most radical out there underground random stuff you ever heard. the only thing that matched the unique stuff was newgrounds. i think myspace should seriously do something like soundcloud, but not be flashy and try to one up facebook or ig. a simple platform with unlimited uploads and no rules or restrictions would be nice. it would probably get taken down though due to copyright. who knows whats out there in the future.

2004: What you upload to the internet is surely going to be there forever!
2019: Bro, our servers just crashed and we have NOTHING left


honestly the only thing I member bout Myspace is Patton Oswalt cracking jokes about it, me ive never used Myspace, so moral of the story nevah eva microwave a slice of pizza

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Oswalt is a legend of comedy. I love his stand up so much. His acting characters are also amazing. Dude is incredible

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I prefer chappelle, as for Myspace I’d say YouTube aka Google is foevah that is until Google merges with Disney and Dunkin donuts or some shit, you know what I wouldn’t not be surprised if that happens…

One online company comes along grows dies and another supplants it, from the ashes all that cache of data is bought and sold and collected to be commercialized and also to be used by the govt, some of that music probably does still exist but accessing it, anyways what’s lost…besides people will still make new music and some of it might be better than the old stuff and if it’s not well then nostalgia is overrated

Youboob is going to win based on no restrictions and never deleting things before you get a chance to do it yourself. Once disney buys it though we’re all fucked, that’s when net neutrality takes over all forums and media and people start opting out like it’s cable / 2004 again

*Whatever the opposite of net neutrality is, lul

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Thanks for reminding me :frowning:
I had (what I was sure, but now not so) a fairly decent thrashy/hardcore demo with all the fixings. I’ve wanted to hear those songs so badly. I’ve scoured the internet for some old file copies but to no avail. The lap top I produced them on bricked on me one day.

Sad sad day. Taught me the lesson to never let a track go without having a master on a USB somewhere.

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Lost music on MySpace and Acidplanet, I don’t mind they were dead sites anyway.

Oh hey @outpost31 ! whats up :slight_smile: glad to see you drop in.

My old band had a myspace page for around 4-5 years 2006-2011? but I think we deleted the account well before the ‘change’ or whatever made them turn the site into…whatever the hell it is now. So not affected really. They were rough demos, as to be expected.