My Windows OS ruin my tracks


My previous OS ruins my tracks. I can’t explain it but tracks just didn’t sound right until i reinstall OS. I can’t mix/record tracks on previous OS, It’s mega weird. Maybe some viruses or settings got lost, I do not know.
It’s mega weird.

So if nothing works you need reinstall OS.


I got the same thing trying to play tracks i made with fl 10…into the newer fl 20…

It came out glitchy for some reason…

I think the algorithm that processes and interprets sound maybe is different…

If anything rerecord it using a sampler and audacity…

Idk if that would work…good luck.


thanks mate


Strange. Can you be more specific? What OS are you talking about?

I recently installed Windows 11 and no problems except for the one older VST that really won’t work with it. Before that I was on W10 and before that W7 and never had this type of issues. It is possible that you have some parasite ware that’s messing up things.


What an odd issue…could it be buffering speeds within your DAW? I know that sometimes I need to increase/decrease buffering speeds if the track is playing a busy section where lots of instruments are playing at once.


Search YouTube reset windows password when unknown only works on local account logons not IE Microsoft account logons.
This not only allows you to access your system if you forget your password but as I found out - in error - does reset a lot of user profile settings to default . Could help avoid a total reinstall. Do back up your drive IE is image restore with something like macrium reflect just on case.
Only use for extreme issues though.


My audio drivers situation is super weird so I’d check that windows and the DAW are both set to the same audio output first thing. FWIW, I used to just reinstall windows every 6 months or so to keep it clean, but that was back when I knew less about computers and did music and gaming on the same machine. I find it best for my sanity to keep those things separate, since games update often and can update a lot of other code libraries on your computer like the C++ redist that affects a bunch of other software without you knowing.


I have windows 8.1 . I have already reinstalled the operating system.
I also think it’s a good practice to reinstall the system every few months or six months, as @White_Noise says.


I believe it’s the universally reviled Windows version that was full of bugs and quite unstable. That’s the reason why I went from W7 to W10 and skipped it, after reading too many horror stories about it…

Why don’t you update to Windows 10? You should get a free update. Windows 11 is a different story, that would depend on your PC specs.