My advice: develop your own inner critic

Tbh over the years I’ve made some pretty horribad tracks…and only a few decent ones and by decent I mean everything met the all standards across the board, in terms of mixing, sound design, and composition. And considering the fact that I’m only a hobbyist…and by no means a successful musician. I guess my advice to anyone starting out is to learn the fundamentals and then develop your own inner critic. By doing so you’ll automatically push yourself to do better because you wouldnt be falling in love with your musical creations at first sight. Instead once created you’ll intuitively dissect the peice in order to perfect it. And Even though art is somewhat subjective (as well as perfection). Being able to play devils advocate in criticizing your own musical creation may help you make better judgement calls during your music making process. But hey take my advice with a grain a salt being that I’m only a mere hobbyist. Just sharing what I’ve learned in my efforts in music and maybe itll help someone somewhere or maybe it wont…either way good luck to all. :slight_smile:

I agree. It’s pretty difficult to evaluate your work when you yourself don’t know what you are doing.


I guess that’s where reference tracks come into play…

So much Win,
that cat can really code

My own inner critic is so developed that it would be great if it could fuck off far and away instead of being constantly there to make me doubt any and all ability I may have.


My inner critic has all of these rules and stipulations now; he believes that if I’ve spent less than 30 hours on a track, it’s probably underdeveloped and rushed… and a lot of similarly weird ideas to go around.

Unfortunately, he’s probably right. I’m never really happy with my productions, and I think it’s because I can hear the amateur mistakes I make, knowing that I’m obviously not some top-tier musician. But then it goes full-circle, and I can set a few things free just to ‘have fun’ and ‘make music’, otherwise nothing would ever get released.

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My problem is that I dont use my inner critic that often, most of the times I just have fun by making music and then worry about the tweaks I will make later on. If I did use it more often I maybe would have made more than 16 bucks in selling my music on bandcamp because my inner critic would have helped me make better judgement calls with/in making my musical creations.

Imho it depends on your aim:

  1. Success as a musician in terms of listeners or even just quality -> yeah, pick yourself and your work apart as hard and deep as possible…
  2. Having fun doing some music as a hobby -> don’t stress yourself out and don’t destroy the joy you are having by constantly thinking that you have to get oh so much better than this…

my problem is that I’m too much of a critic so I keep tweaking my recently ‘finished’ tracks. Unfortunately I have the soundcloud plan that lets me keep updating the file. I would upload my track here for some comments, but it’s not finished yet to my satisfaction :frowning:
memo to self: finished is finished.

this is on point for me. Any other approach and burn out is inevitable. Do you want to hate music, afterall? Music as a profession is a whole other animal, and requires a different level of critic.