MXL 990 capsule upgrade - Have you done it?

I have an MXL 990 and I’m not trying to spend thousands of dollars on a new mic, so I’m thinking about upgrading the capsule to an RK-47 by MicParts. Looking for feedback from people who have done it, does it really make as much of a difference as the reviews say? I never trust reviews that are listed directly on an independent sellers website, especially since I can’t find one bad review, which is a red flag to me.

So please let me know if you think I should do the upgrade or if it makes as much of a difference as the sales pitch says it does.

That is a bad mic, I have it. Poor noise floor, a bit brittle sounding. Haven’t done an upgrade though, so I can’t opine on that. But, instead of upgrading a bad mic, maybe look into a nicer one that isn’t super expensive? I’ve got recommendationsss

Well the sales pitch for the upgraded capsule (plus an upgraded circuit board) claims that it can make the MXL 990 sound like a $2,000 vintage mic, and it’s been my observation that if you spend more than $300 on a mic, you can easily end up spending thousands. There aren’t a lot of mics in the $300-1,800 range and I compared it with a few others before buying it, such as the NT1, and either I didn’t hear much of a difference or the MXL 990 actually sounded better. Plus the review videos are nothing but good, haven’t seen one bad YouTube review for the MXL 990, partly because the “bang for your buck” aspect is so strong.

That does sound pretty good then, if you like it after a shootout that’s what matters

I mean, in my opinion it doesn’t seem to be any better or worse than any other low end mic. So I’m mainly interested in the upgrade, is it actually possible to make this thing sound that much better? I’m still researching it but I’m beginning to be convinced enough to buy the upgrade parts.