Musical form

I think it is what makes for me is form. I think form is really important. And why my last track is working because is the form. I copy structure from another mainstream artist. :smiley: :smiley:

What do you think of the form?

Form and structure is the hardest part for me actually. Last thing I figured out, still what I spend too much time on in every new track I do, and one of a few things I don’t feel qualified to give much advice on.

With dance music tracks in particular I tend to drop a track into my DAW to get the say… first 32 or 64 bars of a track going.

From there the parts that I’ve written dictate the remainder of the arrangement and often, once i get a full arrangement built, i’ll customize the intro. I’ll sort of work backwards in that regard.

Not having a “blank page” staring me in the face is the primer i need to get a track written.

Form is indeed important… @stealth …without it you don’t really have music, you have “sound;” although, admittedly the distinction between “sound” and “music” is not “black” and “white.” As with most things, there are grey areas.

The most basic musical form is “Call and Response” or Antiphony. Very ancient! Primal… and works on many levels in music. Once you tune in to call and response you will hear it used… in myriad ways… in most music.

When consciously using call and response when composing, it really helps give life…otherwise it is in danger of being boring. :sunglasses:.