Music production environment thread

Jeksola buzz

The underrated modular tracker…

I mean i havent used it much but when i did…wow…the possibilites…its like a free renoise/reaktor.

So yeah…

Pure data is a free version max/msp.

Never used this one, is it anything like Audiomulch? (That’s what I see in my head, but way more 90s)

Trackers are really foreign to me, although I’d love to give something like Renoise a proper spin one day. Lately I’m gravitating toward PD more and more since the inception of PlugData and my recent discovery of PD4P3. Livecoding also looks like a lot of fun but is probably above my current skillset, hopefully not for very long though, especially since I keep discovering really cool libraries out in the wild.

Modular and this whole new ‘vst as a daw’ (cardinal, voltage, even falcon technically) movement has been really fun over the past few years, although it still sucks up all of your spare change for new modules like the analog version. Reaktor is still kind of at the top for being programmy and modular, although it’s dated as fuck.

Lately, I like even seeing what @metaside is pulling off in UE5, which gives birth to a potentially new musical workstation paradigm. I’ve also been known to crank out entire sample packs inside of fantasy consoles like TIC-80 and Pico-8, meaning that these are more than equipped for a certain style of music-making, albeit purposely limited. There’s even one of those for the 3DS (and Switch, IIRC) called SmileBASIC which is hecking cool.

I guess I’ve got a fascination with all of them, and I like seeing stuff evolve over time. Of course the traditional Live / Bitwig-style DAW remains on top for a good reason, but some of these other ones just flip normalcy on its head, open up crazy design power tools or just simply allow you to add generative stuff which was never possible before.


Jeskola Buzz is the first software I ever tried making music on, back in the early 2000’s. I made some truly nooby music on it and was very excited about it.


@metaside U5 tutorials are cool, too bad I have too many irons on the fire…
Which is the same reason why after a few good experiments I ultimately gave up live coding, well, I wasn’t doing it live, just programming. The language is not difficult and anyone who ever made music and customised MySpace can handle it, really. If I could easily learn how to do this:
then anyone can.

Trackers (and Hammerhead) are how I started making music, which reminds me I have unsuccessfully doing this for more than 20 years.
Among them Renoise is the golden standard, but it can do a bit too much.
The Polyend tracker is brilliant and it somehow works as a standalone hardware, so does the M8 tracker. Problem is I have invested lots of time in learning the Mpc so I’m more than done on the software side.

Oddly enough I never really clicked with Reaktor…


I do miss that stage though, when you’re starting out and all is fucking awesome