Music plans 2024


Music plans for 2024…

Ive quit music…

But im gonna just throw this out there

Instead of trying to follow trends, how should we make them…or even better yet go about evolving music by taking things to the next level…



What’s been helpful for me is getting involved in production challenges (here and elsehwere) that force me to make something to a deadline and not get too picky about it. I’ve finished some great songs that way, so I want to keep doing that.

I want to compile some of the more similar ones into an EP and put that out, and put out the rest as singles with a few tweaks to put them over the top. As far as riding trends goes, I don’t feel like I’ve really focused on that before and I’m not trying to now.

Eh, that’s a lie, I did try to predict the rise of the 90s sound again, but I was like 3-4 years too soon. It’s here now and some of my stuff sounds like that in parts, but I’ve mostly moved on. Just going to keep trying to make stuff and have fun, it’s healthier for me than more videogames.


Question to you: Does making music need to be innovative to be of worth to you?


To me? No. I think it can be one thing that helps music stand out, but I love plenty of music that isn’t innovative (and gasp I would call some personal favorite albums derivative). I wouldn’t say most of my music is particularly innovative either. I mean, I try to push my personal envelope, but I know I’m not rewriting music as we know it.


Music doesnt need to be innovative. But it does need to be a creative expression of ones own imagination…because to me thats an aspect of art.


Also for instance i like nirvana the band…but if all music is solely defined by nirvanas sound it would be very limiting…and not very creative because everything would sound like nirvana…even if its 40 years after the fact and if that where to happen most music would be very forgettable.


For me, these are the phrases that come to mind that I try and always have in the back of my head for most things, including music. I think these are pretty future-proof regardless of what age or stage you’re in for pretty much everything, though some are more for music

  • Play around, experiment
  • don’t take yourself too seriously
  • take risks, don’t be afraid to fail
  • try and stay outside the comfort zone
  • write lots of garbage
  • keep pushing your limit
  • make what you want to hear
  • don’t force anything, but be persistent
  • let others inspire you, but don’t let others dictate you
  • learn as much as you can, and teach when you can
  • don’t be afraid to abandon something, learn when to call it quits

All of this is easier to write out than it is to actually do, but it helps to remind myself of these things when I feel like I’m in a rut or I’m re-hashing old ideas (something that makes me feel quite bored after not too long)