Music and audio apps for android


i just stepped into the 21st century and got hold of a modern phone, rather than one that just makes calls and texts.
i was wondering what kind of audio and music apps you guys know of that might be useful or just keep me entertained while at work?
preferably free since its not likely i will be able to afford to buy any, but im still curious to hear about the commercial ones.


AFAIK there should still be a Yelloizer app developed by the guys in Yello. Also, probably shitty on a small screen but great on a tablet is the DAW called Caustic. only costs like 9 bucks. Yelloizer costs a few too, but is really worth it for messing about.
I wish I could recommend more but there just are not that many apps for Android. I still will never buy an apple product though. :stuck_out_tongue:


i feel the same way about apple. they can keep alchemy, logic and all those awesome pieces of software they buy and use to make people feel like they need an apple product. if apple buy something i will live without it.

rant over, back on topic:
i tried caustic, it was great. the demo is fully functional but you cant save or export :frowning: so for now it is just going to be used like a game.
havent tried yelloizer though, i will check it out. thanks


Caustic is cool, I used it pretty much a few years ago.

G Stomper Studio is great imho. IIRC, the demo Version is pretty much fully functional, except for loading projects. You can save your work and continue there when you bought the full version, though.
Oh, and it’s loading your last session automatically on start up.

Edit, the demo is limited to 12 Sampler Tracks, 5 Synthesizer Tracks and the save/load thing.


So you can keep one project running as long as you dont start a new one? Can you export the audio?
definitely sounds like something i want to try. Thanks for the suggestion


Let me take a look…
It seems, that the demo allows you to export one pattern at a time as audio.
You can set the number of loop cycles for the export.
Exporting pattern as midi, exporting multiple patterns as audio and exporting multiple patterns as midi is disabled.
Also exporting pattern set (song arrangement) is disabled as well as exporting/bouncing multiple tracks.

The Main Menu has tons of options and I haven’t really digged through all of them, yet.

That’s indeed possible! That’s basically what I did, because I wanted to get to know the app better by working on a track, but I didn’t find the time, yet…so…I’m still running the demo version^^
G Stomper Studio is pretty much like a DAW minus the audio editing and instead of a linear timeline like in DAW, you have to work pattern based. It offers a piano roll for the synth tracks,
you can play in realtime (also with a midi controller), or use step input and there is automation, send fx and stuff like that.
Also the synths, drum machine, mixer and fx sound pretty good! :slight_smile:


thanks. i will try it out. even if i get no practical use out of it i can still use it like a game. which is how im using caustic.


If you liked G-Stomper Studio, then you should try the brand new G-Stomper Producer app.
Free demo at:
Short introduction and feature comparison (with G-Stomper Studio) at:
Try it, you won’t be disappointed.