MPC Workflow

Any tips on building tracks/keeping things organised on an MPC?

I tend to be very messy, so usually my drum programs are a mix of drum and synth hits, then I have synths and other sounds on other programs so when it comes to trying and perform a song I need to do some gymnastic jumping from pad mute to track mute back to pad and so forth.

Or I could just have mutes in sequences and just change sequences, but that’s not very flexible.
What do you MPC people do?

I haven’t been using mine much lately, so keep that in mind.
I tend to try and do major food groups per track, and separate them per program.
Ie kick on one track, snare on 2 hats on 3 and other drums on 4.
I also tend to keep my programs separate, so no synths on drum programs for example.
Then once I am done a sequence, copy it to the next sequence to add to it, so that all the tracks stay in a somewhat sequential order.
Then I use track mutes and next sequence to get arrangement ideas.
I never used pad mutes, or clip programs.

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Also, I used to kinda know what I wanted to be able to mute or not, that’s why I was able to decide what needed it’s own track vs not.
So I would have a program with a ton of ambient sound bed type stuff, but that always was on 1 track, I could mute all those sounds together with no big loss.

I guess I need to try and be a bit more organised, I kinda knew that, I was hoping for a shortcut.
Btw, have you heard that clip mode will change in the next update. They will work as most people would expect, so keep playing if you switch track.

You guys are both using the MPC Live?


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Yeah, in jjos there was a way to swap tracks around in any order per sequence, so it was way easier to be organized in that way.

By the way, 2.4 is out and for me having good reverbs and sidechain on a standalone machine is great, plus the AIR Channel strip makes everything sound good.
The simple fact that clip now don’t stop when you change program is a huge workflow improvement.
Well done Akai.

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Hey, I saw your question on the other forum who’s name shall not be named, there’s a video by, tubedigga maybe, about a shortcut to getting samples out of the looper and into pads in programs . Not sure it was for clip programs, but you should look it up see if that would fit what you are thinking of doing.

Ps, I didn’t answer there cuz I then noticed that I was 5 pages behind at that point, what a crazy place!

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