Mixing and the stereo field


right so i was herp derping in making a track and decided to play around the stereo field, when assigning a sound to a part of the stereo field some frequencies canceled out, so i boosted the frequencies in question and layered the sound with the dry signal eq’ing both the wet and dry to get a fuller sound, so my question is why does this happen with different sounds i.e. the higher frequencies of the drums cancelling out the higher harmonics of the bass, is it because of phase cancellation? or simple physics and algorithms either way what would you suggest i keep in mind for future references…

the track in question:


You answered it, Phase cancellation.

There’s ways around this such as,

Placing your sounds strategically,
Eq (cutting “preferred” to boosting),
Side chaining (Ducking)


there are ways to invert phase but the best solution is to avoid stereo widening stuff in early production stage. it can be used, sure, but with moderation. In mixing stage, keep an eye on a vectorscope, then there’s a great idea is to narrow low-end quite a lot because it often causes phasing issues.